Gates Of Ethernity to complete Strategic Sale and INO on NFTb using the platform’s DeFi as a Service Offering

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NFTb is pleased to announce Gates Of Ethernity, a play to earn NFT fantasy game, has chosen to complete a Strategic Sale using NFTb’s DeFi as a Service on Late March, as well as an INO on a later date.

Gates Of Ethernity — Collect. Explore. Conquer.

Gates Of Ethernity is a Pokemon Go inspired monster combat collection AR that integrates our gritty monsters as NFT assets.

Players can go out and collect, battle, and level their monsters all while hosting them in their asset wallets, available for trade on the marketplace.

The Ethernity Games universe (which includes both Gates of Ethernity and Cards of Ethernity) is keen on the delivery of competitive opportunities for the most avid gamers.

GOE Token

GOE Token is the heart of our entire ecosystem. GOE Token will be used as a payment/reward currency in all games of our franchise and for staking/liquidity provision rewards.

What is a Strategic Sale? How is it different from an IDO?

An IDO is often a great way for projects to raise funds and get tokens in the wallets of early supporters.

Strategic Sales usually occur before a Public Sale, which often comes in the form of an IDO and are offered to supporters who are able to bring value to early-stage projects. Gates Of Ethernity team has decided to offer the NFTb Community $GOE tokens at Strategic Sale levels to engage NFTb’s community of supporters.

NFTb has secured a Strategic Sale of $GOE Tokens at Strategic Sale, terms (see below).

This means that members of NFTb’s community will be able to purchase $GOE Tokens at prices lower than offered at LBP and IDO on other platforms in Q2 2022.

Please note — Compared to the LBP, the vesting terms differ to the Public Sale. Users who participate in the Strategic Sale will also need to contribute funds earlier compared to IDO participants.

The full tokenomics of the project can be viewed here.

How to Participate

The Strategic Sale will take place on NFTb in Late March. To participate in the Strategic Sale, users will need to stake in NFTb’s Tiered Model.

More information about how the Strategic sale will work on NFTb will be closer to the sale date.

About Gates of Ethernity

Gates of Ethernity is a unique and immersive venture of bringing an undeniable level of graphics and artistic excellence, paired with immensely deep environmental storytelling into the world of Blockchain and NFTs.

The main difference between GoE and any existing counterpart definitely lies within an exceptional level of quality. We strive towards fully fledged, Hollywood’s native level of cinematography and visual production.

Creatures, models and environments are purposefully created in hyperrealistic fashion. While keeping the standards high, our creations are barely distinguishable from Nature itself.

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About NFTb

NFTb is the Complete Multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform for Communities. Our mission is to help creators get comfortable and love using DeFi dApps.

NFTb offers a premium NFT marketplace where users can access buyers from anywhere around the world and multi-chains, a DeFi platform giving users access to yield farming opportunities and a launchpad created to help creators and projects to build early support.

NFTb is backed by the Binance Accelerator Fund, Rarestone Capital and Spark Digital Capital.

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NFTb is the Complete Multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform for Communities. Our mission is to help creators get comfortable and love using DeFi dApps.