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To celebrate the launch of NFTb MetaMarket, NFTb is cooperating with Second Live through an NFTb-themed costume design contest.

We are delighted to announce that there were amazing designs submitted by very talented artists and now here is your chance to vote for your favourite design and earn!

The 3 winning designs will be awarded 1,300 USD in total and these costumes will be integrated into the Second Live Universe as NFTs. In addition, these NFTs will be open for trading along with other Second Live NFTs on the official collection page on NFTb MetaMarket.

Also, NFTb gladly informs that 3 random voters will be selected and be eligible for a 25USD reward each to be claimed on NFTb Rewards.

Voting link —

Designs To Be Voted

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Option 6

Option 7

Option 8

Option 9

Option 10

Option 11

Option 12

Option 13

Option 14

Option 15

Option 16

Option 17

Option 18

Option 19

Option 20

Option 21

Option 22

Option 23

Option 24

Option 25

Option 26

Option 27

Option 28

Option 29

Option 30

Option 31

Option 32

Option 33

Option 34

Option 35

Option 36

Option 37

Option 38

Option 39



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