to complete Pre-Sale and INO on NFTb using the platform’s DeFi as a Service Offering

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NFTb is pleased to announce Pax.World, an open metaverse that is strategically designed to elevate the metaverse experience in an accessible manner for the widest possible user base, has chosen to complete a Pre-Sale using NFTb’s DeFi as a Service on February 28, as well as an INO on a later date. — An Open and Accessible Metaverse with an Early-Mover Advantage integrates some of the popular communication tools in use today, such as video and audio calls as well as streaming and broadcasting mechanisms, creating a hybrid environment that combines 3D models with life-like interaction abilities.

Gamification and play-to-earn mechanics are also a central part of’s design and will play a key role in user acquisition and continued engagement. is geared towards meeting the needs of both creators and consumers. Allowing both brands and the community to socialize, play and earn in the metaverse

Some examples of in-world commercial activities include:

  • Art galleries displaying and auctioning high-value NFTs.
  • Gaming centers with a variety of experiences for users.
  • Advertising on virtual spaces and in-world attractions.
  • Educational centers for incentive learning experiences.
  • Venues and arenas for concerts and live performances.
  • Virtual business headquarters and customer support centers.

$PAXW Token is more than just an interactive metaverse. It’s native token $PAXW, fuels their digital economy and facilitates revenue generation and value transfer on both macro and micro levels.

$PAXW the anchor point for ownership and influence:

  • The exchange of in-game 3D assets, including wearables, buildings, and other items.
  • The purchase of real-estate assets, including virtual lands, venues, and billboards for advertising.
  • Social transactions and transfer of value for in-game services, including education, entertainment and more.

How to Participate

The Pre-Sale will take place on NFTb in Late February. To participate in the Pre-Sale, users will need to stake in NFTb’s Tiered Model.

More information about how the Pre-Sale will work on NFTb will be closer to the sale date. An INO will be scheduled for Late March.

What is a Pre-Sale? How is it different from an IDO?

An IDO is often a great way for projects to raise funds and get tokens in the wallets of early supporters.

The Pre-Sales will occur before a Public Sale, which often comes in the form of an IDO and are offered to supporters who are able to bring value to early stage projects. The Pax.World team has decided to offer the NFTb Community $PAXW tokens at Pre-Sale levels to engage NFTb’s community of supporters.

NFTb has secured the Pre-Sale of $PAXW Tokens at Pre-Sale terms.

Please note:

Compared to the Public Sale (IDO), Pre-Sale participants will have 0% tokens unlocked at TGE. Private Sale will also need to contribute funds earlier compared to IDO participants.

About Pax World

Pax.World is an open metaverse that is strategically designed to elevate the metaverse experience in an accessible manner for the widest possible user base.

We believe, with our industry-leading features, Pax.World can play an integral role in a variety of scenarios, ranging from socialization to education, entertainment and commerce.

We will also be hosting demo meetups in the coming weeks and will be inviting community members to experience Pax.World first-hand. Follow our socials for more updates.

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About NFTb

NFTb is the Complete Multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform for Communities. Our mission is to help creators get comfortable and love using DeFi dApps.

NFTb offers a premium NFT marketplace where users can access buyers from anywhere around the world and multi-chains, a DeFi platform giving users access to yield farming opportunities and a launchpad created to help creators and projects to build early support.

NFTb is backed by the Binance Accelerator Fund, Rarestone Capital and Spark Digital Capital.

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